Pocket Memory Barcelona, Spain (2015)

I had no plans to open another Memory Shop like I already did twice, once in Germany, once in France. I had planned to walk the city in my suit and work with that. But sometimes opportunities just arise. Three things struck me. One: how many clothes are thrown away and left out on the streets. Two: how many people wander the streets collecting things and sleeping rough. Three: how much I like spending time in this city, collecting memories.

In my other Memory Shops I asked people to bring me a cloth item and a memory and I embroidered their memories into other people’s pockets. There was no charge. It was about exchange. Same thing here but differently.

This time there will be money involved but it will go back to where I found what I need. To the streets of Barcelona.

I collect clothes, I wash them, I wear them. I embroider my memories in their pockets. I wash them again before selling them, repair them when necessary. I sell them so my memories will be spread around Barcelona again, around Spain, around the world. I sell them to return what I found. The clothes where never meant for me. I’ve got enough already. All the money I earn will go to the homeless in Barcelona through the Arrels Foundation.

My shop in the Grácia neighbourhood in Barcelona will open this Thursday, March 5. It is open most weekdays, Tuesday – Friday 18.30 – 20.30 until March 27 (and on request). Official opening is March 12, 19.30: Carrer de la Legalitat 49 bajos.

You are very welcome to visit me there! And here. I’ll be posting new clothes for sale every day. In the meantime I’m decorating my store. With things I found.

And if you want to know more about other things I’m doing here, check out www.asoftarmour6.blogspot.com


  1. Hi____! Where exactly of Gracia? Id love to come!!

  2. Dear Inés, it is at the WTA projectspace, Legalitat 49 bajos in Gràcia. More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1537875786437149/. Official opening this Thursday at 19.30, open until March 27, Tu-Fr 18.30-20.30. Looking forward to see you there!