Pocket Memory shop Barcelona I, WTA Gallery

I opened a Pocket Memory Shop in Gràcia, Barcelona. People could buy found clothing items in which I embroidered my Barcelona memories or just wander through the clothes forest and look at the installation.


I changed the prices especially for the SALE tonight!

The "price tags" have been made out of VIP Paper Samples found in the garbage, produced by Gruppo Cordenons. The paper collection I used is called Stardream. the metallic colours have been designed to have an "astral" effect.


a promise

Size: 31   Brand: springfield   Colour: green with golden embroideries to highlight and cherish the stains
RESERVED (but the potential buyer is willing to let go of it when an amazing offer comes in, I am still working on it, lots of stains, so there will be lots of delicate gold embroideries, more detail to be added and some already HERE)



Where and when

Last week! Although the online shop will stay open and I hope to continue and develop the project in Barcelona in autumn & winter (and I am looking for a new location for the project so write me if you have any ideas .... ).

Visit me in Gràcia, I'm in the WTA Projectspace every day 18.30 - 20.30. Carrer de la Legalitat 49. Last day (Friday 27) everything will be half price!

once more

Size: 13/14   Brand: Tex   Colour: blue


hidden nature

Size: eur M usa M mex 38
Brand: ZARA Man Casual Wear
Colour: brown


the old in the new

Size: F/B 38 D 36 US S
Brand: 3suissescollection
Colour: blue, white stripes
Material: 45% cotton, 55% linen